The Megaphone Marine

“In the face of tyranny, in the face of freedom, are you going to sit there in your riot gear against peaceful protesters?” asked Williams. “Or are you going to say, ‘you know what, it’s time to stand up for my country. Because I took an oath of office and it said, ‘I will defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Speaking at ChiroFest

As a young child, Dr. Williams watched his grandfather Cordie Lee Mays pass away on machines as he fed him his last meal. In fact, he watched three of his four grandparents lose their battles with cancer under the medical paradigm – and then almost losing his mother in 2011. This ignited a lifelong passion in him to help people holistically. The trials and tribulations of sickness and loss only strengthened Dr. William’s inner desire to help heal and educate society about the body’s innate and internal ability to heal itself.

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