Dr. Cordie Williams sees the challenges that our Constitutional Republic is facing; in current times the civil rights of American citizens are at risk. We are living in a world of media-driven uncertainty and a lack of fundamental, historical education. Freedom is the birthright of all Americans. Equality drives our Constitution establishing that no person might rule over another without his consent. Our founding fathers created the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to secure the natural rights of all citizens. We invite you to become a part of American history and learn with us.

Constitutional Instructor Douglas V. Gibbs entertains attendees each week as we travel through the U.S. Constitution’s pages in thought-provoking, weekly sessions.

The book-club style class time is presented to you by 1776 Forever Free weekly through June. Plan to spend about fourteen one-hour sessions sailing through the Constitution’s pages and the forgotten moments in history that provide the context needed to understand the document’s original intent.

Please visit Dr. Cordie’s nonprofit 1776 Forever Free for more information, details, and to register.

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